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Meet Our Staff


Francis X. Lyons (1985-present)

Master Plumber NH#3497, ME#910614

Licensed Pump Installer: Domestic/Industrial NH#1716

Water Distribution/Water Treatment: Grade II- NH#461, ME#10843

Chief Engineer, US Merchant Maine



Marilyn C. Lyons (1985-present)

Northeastern University, BS Management


Water System Compliance Administrators:

Elizabeth Gray (2005-present)

Graduate of Executive Secretarial Program

Boston Business School, Brighton, MA

Responsibilities: Scheduling/Sampling per DES Testing Requirements, Consumer Confidence Reports, Record Keeping, System Budgets. 


Linda Kearney (1997-present)

Water Distribution/Water Treatment Operator: Grade IA- NH#2268

BS in Geology, University of Massachusetts- Amherst

Responsibilities: Testing Waivers, Notices, Emergency Plans,

Well Siting Reports, New Regulations Implementation, Safety Officer.


Administrative Assistant:

Penny Quinlan (2014-present)

Endicott Jr.College, AS Photography

water systems, filtration, septic
water systems, filtration, septic


Curtis King (2013-present)

Water Distribution/ Water Treatment Operator: Grade I NH#3370

NH Apprentice Plumber #4465

Service Technicians:

Nancy Oleson (2018-present)

Water Distribution & Water Treatment Grade II - NH#2862

Waste Water Treatment Grade II - NH 1275

Kevin Prior (2019-present)

Water Distribution/ Water Treatment Operator: Grade I NH#3762

Rochester Technical Institute 2008

BS Environmental Science

Michael Thomas (2019-present)

Water Distribution/ Water Treatment Operator: Grade I NH#3833

Water Distribution/ Water Treatment Operator: Grade I ME#4342

Travis Nichols (2021-present)

18 yrs. experience residential/commercial plumbing. Facility maintenance & heavy equipment operator.

Chris Ames (2021-present)

Service technician in training

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