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Water Works Contractor


• Pump House Construction

• Pipeline Installation and Repair

• Trenchless Water Lines

• Wet Taps

• Pressure Testing

• Backflow Prevention Device Testing


Well/Water Pump Installer

Residential and Commercial Private Water Systems


• Well Pumps

• Booster Pumps

• Pump Control Systems:

    Alternating Control, Alarms, Gauges

• Pressure Storage Tanks, Valves & Fittings

• Service offset piping and wiring from well to house

• Equipped to pull and install well pumps on galvanized or 

    plastic pipe with crane trucks and/or pump hoists

• Dealer for Grundfos Pumps


Water Treatment, Softening & Conditioning


• Filtration & Purification

• Iron/Manganese Removal (Note #1)

• Fluoride Removal (Note #2)

• pH Control (Note #3)

• Radon Removal (Note #4)



#1. Iron/Manganese Removal:

Brown/Rusty staining on household fixtures, Unpleasant taste and odor. No assigned health effects.


#2. Fluoride Removal Reverse Osmosis Systems:

No visible indications. Can cause bone disease if consumed over a long period of time at a level above 4.0 mg/L. Can also cause mottled teeth in children under the age of nine, complications for pregnant women and for people with MS if water containing levels of Fluoride over 2.0 mg/L is consumed.


#3. pH Control:

Blue/green staining on household fixtures indicate that copper is being leached out of the household plumbing. If copper is being leached out of the plumbing, it may mean that lead is also being leached out (no visible indications for lead). Health effects for copper are gastrointestinal disorders, as well as liver and kidney damage. Health effects for lead are delays in physical and mental development, short attention spans and learning disabilities for children, and kidney problems and high blood pressure for adults.


#4. Radon Removal Systems:

No visible indication for radon. Exposure to radon increases your risk of getting cancer.

Community Water System Operations

• Certified Operator (New Hampshire and Maine)

• Operating over 40 community water systems ranging in size

    from 10 to 300 service connections

• Operation, Maintenance and Repair of Service connections,

    meter reading, shut-offs/reconnects, hydrant service,

    equipment repair, treatment system operation, repair,

    generator service, backflow prevention device testing/repair

Community Water System Routine Services:

• Inspect water system pumping stations (daily, weekly,

    monthly as required)

• Monitor New Hampshire Department of Environmental

    Services (NHDES) testing requirements

• Schedule, draw, and submit water samples to certified

    laboratories (bacteriological, radiological, IOCs, SOCs,

    VOCs and lead and copper testing) as required

• Prepare and distribute consumer awareness notification

• Prepare and file Phase II/V Testing Waiver Applications


• Consumer Confidence Reports

• Well Siting Reports

• Optimal Corrosion Control Reports

• Emergency Plans

Non-Community and Single-Site Public Water Systems:

• Monitor NHDES testing requirements

• Schedule, draw, and submit water samples to certified



Septic Services

• Septic Pump Installation and Repair

• Septic Control Systems:

    Alternating controls, alarms, gauges

• Sewer Lift Station Inspection Service




Areas We Service

• Albany, NH

• Bartlett, NH

• Berlin, NH

• Bethlehem, NH

• Chocorua, NH

• Conway, NH

• Freedom, NH

• Gorham, NH

• Jackson, NH

• Lincoln, NH

• Littleton, NH

• Madison, NH

• North Conway, NH

• North Woodstock, NH

• Ossipee, NH

• Tamworth, NH

• Twin Mountain, NH

• Whitefield, NH

• Bridgton, ME

• Fryeburg, ME

• Lovell, ME





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